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Grundfos (Danish pronunciation: [ˈkʁɔnˀfʌs]) is the largest pump manufacturer in the world, based in Denmark, with more than 19,000 employees globally.

Warren shares his disappointing experience on, "Either the circuit board or electric motor has failed. The Grundfos dealer I took it to for repair states neither of these parts are available. Worked well while it worked. Paid for a quality pump but feel terribly disappointed it has not lasted even 2 years. Imagine not being able to fix your pump because the parts are not available to the dealers despite it being currently for sale and promoted as a premium product."


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Former Employee - Warehouse Worker says

"not good, people are fake here. they dont help only if it benefit them. they lie and tell on you and also cry to HR so they get their way. weak leaders, they struggle so much in all departments, its mostly cuz of sorry workers."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"management lies about pay raises and job opportunities , and its about who you know not what you know , to many high school games here"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Bad management, promotions are given to people who do not work and brown nosers. These brown nosers are not knowledgeable and fail to do the job accurately due to personal success, not team success. No appreciation and recognization. no raises, either. Due to all of these and more that is too long to list, many employees are leaving the company. It use to be a great place to be where employees were more like family, now it's just a plain old boring workplace just to get a paycheck. A lot of soap opera and childish high school gossip happening throughout the floor and nothing is being done about it."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Took 3 weeks to hear back from HR on candidacy and then given excuse as to why I was not going to next steps. "Other people schedules could not be coordinated and to much time between interview"....However, position has been reposted and I cannot reapply, as "you've already applied for this position." Seems to be standard way for European companies to work in the USA..."


"There is no tolerance for trying to make improvements and increase efficiency. Management is focused too much on short-term profits rather than quality products and longevity."

Former Employee - Office Worker says

"There is very low employee morale that has plummeted in the past few years with new management. In Indianapolis, they ran off almost everyone that knew what they were doing by trying to get anyone with more than 10 years of experience to retire. They get rid of people who challenge ideas, even respectfully, so they don't have to explain any decisions. Business is suffering horribly because workers are not engaged. Laziness is reward and hard-workers are neglected. It is not uncommon to ask questions and hear "that's not my job" as an answer from almost any department. Management structure is very top-heavy, with lots of managers who seem to just sit around and talk all day, only leaving meetings to grab a bag of chips and a coke. Managers are more concerned about protecting their own agenda than doing what is best for the company or their employees."


"Inconsistent management of projects and strategic planning."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"European management is moving into the American companies and pushing their agendas here without the input of American workers that have been in the market for decades. Along the way, they are slicing and dicing American employees and bringing in their European colleagues to give them experience in management, eliminating opportunities for Americans."

Anonymous says

"They say skilled work then why is there no training program? Numbers based. Say they want hard workers but fire people left and right.some supervisors don't have experience on the line."

Current Employee - Management says

"Company is led by folks in Denmark with little business experience outside their small environment. They believe that only Danish opinions matter, even when presented with management and marketing data that shows their methods to be prone to failure. They will sell you being a "great place to work" and "caring about people" but then fire people for having opinions that differ from leadership."

Quality Control Technician (Current Employee) says

"typical day of work includes getting some nasty coffee. take the time to work slowly because it's not worth trying hard. not enjoyable, just here to get paid. work culture is horrible, it's not easy working with dishonorable and distrustful management who are two-faced and horrible. as you can see, the word horrible is used alot herejust a decent paycheckjust a lousy paycheck"

Mid Office (Former Employee) says

"Afspraken worden totaal niet nagekomen en een vervelende groep roddelende collega's welke nieuw komers weg proberen te pesten.niet van toepassingRoddelende collega's"

Warehouse Worker (Former Employee) says

"bad place, bad people, bad values, bad culture, lies, backstabbing involved. can't trust anyone. high school type of culture. no raises, no promotions only if you cry and tell on your co workers. they even lie to big boss because they hide tons of bad parts when he visit. the best part of this place is that they redid parking lot by repainting lines, a big coffee, free ice, free womanly products for time of montheverything else"

International Compliance and Logistics Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"they constantly lie to their customers. if employees where to tell the customers the truth, this company would be out of business. The pumps don't make specs and so the engineers simply falsify data."

Sales Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Verstandig is om met goeie en positieve mensen omgaan. Hou afstand van negatieve mensen. Helaas zijn wij omsingeld door heel veel mensen die negatief zijn door hun mentaliteit, ze klagen, zeuren, zeiken, hameren en rodellen de hele dag.Heb veel geleerdTe veel rotte appels"

WarehouseTechnician/ 1:30PM-10PM Mon-Fri (Current Employee) says

"Grundfos Pumps Sucks!!!! The company is going downward, people are qutting for better paying job, and because the company sucks!!!! I wish I would have never applied for this job. It has set me back. Grundfos is the worst job I've ever had. Grundfos Pumps SUCKS!!!!NoneEverything"

Shop Technician (Former Employee) says

"All too often people would pass information by mouth. And then moments later have a sudden onset of amnesia and drive the people under the bus multiple times per day. Additionally there was a race/social phony war type environment and I had to facilitate duties between both sides to no avail at my own peril it seemed.Work was straightforwardPeople, management, people"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Management doesn't care about their staff, if you complain to HR you just get criticized, expect you to work over time without compensation, extremely high turn around, you can basically do nothing right if you aren't in a manager position and are used as a scape goat. There is no respect for employees, whether you've been there for 10 minutes or 10 years. Don't waste your time with this company."

CNC Machinist/Programmer (Former Employee) says

"right before shutdown couple guys stole lot off measuring equipment but they were the ones to keep their job just because they know how to suck up both were lead man on night shift"

Assembler (Former Employee) says

"Brookshire Texas location stay away. Horrible working conditions. No a.c. no tools no advancement. Favoritism over employees. Corrupted managers. Just horrible. And if you're not Caucasian. Get ready to be discriminated against and to do all the dirty jobs.BenefitsEverything except the benefits"

Opérateur de production (Former Employee) says

"manque de logique dans les processus de montage des pompes"

District Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Very good products, but management does not communicate well nd strategies change mid year without explanations. Danish company that tries to use European sales practices in the United States."

Technicien de maintenance (Current Employee) says

"Bonne entreprise en global, possibilité d'évolutioncantine"

Mnufacturing Technician (Former Employee) says

"ok place to work for starters not competitive wages supervisors dont care about employees only about production.healthcarebad management and hr dept."

CNC Machinist (Former Employee) says

"Company is far from honest. Pay is not based on a work performance but rather a buddy system. Management is ego driven based off job title. Union shop"

Service Engineer + HVAC (Current Employee) says

"Work life balance is shocking, salary is very low for what you are expected to do, when jobs can not be completed due to poor planning the engineers are the ones at fault. The paperless system in place is rubbish. The health and safety at Grundfos is fit for office use but is not practical on site, very few people know what they are doing but you will have a job for life if you want it."

Advanced manufacturing technician (Former Employee) says

"The people are great but as far as the company it is not good for long term. I was there for almost eight years and i was getting paid only $14.60 the company did not want to give me a raise."

Receiving Clerk/Materials (Current Employee) says

"I will not bash the company, management, or my fellow workers in any way shape or form. Grundfos was gracious enough to give me a job so I give them 100% every day."

Logistics (Former Employee) says

"They hire temps from third party agencies and then fire them without warning just to not give them the benefits they worked so hard to get. They talk a lot about family but they don't think about your family when you suddenly are without work."

Machinist (Current Employee) says

"They are shutting down the union after 45 years. Claimed to be family oreanted, then blind sided everyone before Christmas. They keep facts to themselves ,but will lie to your face."

Warren Picillo says

"this will be the 3rd solar hot water pump i will be replacing in 14 months . although warrantee . installer 'CROSS ATLANTIC SOLAR' refuses to replace it . HE TELLS ME THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH MY WATER ! not the way to conduct business . the pump is failing prematurely for some reason . i did not think it was the home owner responsibility to be the expert but here i am needing help ."

Egon Ronnie says

"Recently bought a hot water booster pump
And fitted with all the proper damping precautions etc which they advertise as extremely quite
Don’t believe it they are extremely noisey spoke to their technical team and said 70 decibels was normal
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